Circle Series









The Circle Series is currently going on in the studio.

These paintings are studies of a circle in square format.  They’ve evolved from a series I was doing about nests, which had a lot of movement/spin  in them .  They turned into portals with shadows which went minimalist and are now all about the form and the texture.  I had been painting big with a pallet  knife and  I wanted to try to get a bigger emotive effect with less paint.  I also wanted to paint more of the rusted metal and old concrete textures I had done in my original Monument Series (these were land monumnets (to me) of things like old silo bases, rock walls, foot bridges, and barn foundations).



horizon line

depth shift

I WILL ADD IMAGES SOON!  (I promise..)

2 Responses to “Circle Series”

  1. Can’t wait…this is my fav series of yours!! Are you selling prints?

  2. Still love your work! In particular the circle horizon ones. 🙂

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